IntelliGlow Needle Kits

Half of the information transferred to the human eye in a gauge cluster is relayed via the gauge face. The other half of the information relayed via the needle. What good is one without the other?
Import Intelligence has developed a new and innovative way of creating the ultimate custom look to any set of gauges. We have developed a low profile carbon fiber powered light ring that sits underneath the stock needles. With this 80% universal kit (more details later),the options are endless here and we like to explore every aspect of the concept of custom gauges. Indiglow can catch the eye very well but a piece of the gauge cluster that is not only brighter but also moving can really attract much needed attention. If you are tired of the Indiglo look, these are for you. New technology has made all this possible without major modification to the cluster. These kits are custom built to order so please allow a few days from time of order for shipping. All Kits come with a detailed instruction manual to help make your cluster the hottest on the block.
Vehicle Requirements:
1. Your vehicles gauges must have needles made of a Lexan based material. If you are not sure we have included an application chart at the bottom of this page for assistance. We do not provide new needles with the kit so the factory needles must be compatible.
2. Your vehicle must run on a 12 volt system with a negative chassis.
(Example: 90-94 Mitsubishi Eclipse & most Nissans)
The Intelliglow needle kit is ordered via "Large Needles" and "Small Needles". We use large needles and small needles to determin the sweep of each indivual needle. Large needles typically have a sweep of 180 degrees where small needles are less than 90 degrees. Example: If your car has a Speedometer, Tachometer, Fuel and Temp gauge you would need to order the 2Large & 2 Small Kit.

Check our application chart if you are still not sure if the needle kit works with your vehicle. These Vehicles are 100% compatable with the kits unless otherwise noted. Acura'94-'01 Integra Chevy '95+ Blazer '94+ S10 Pickup '95+ Sonoma '95+ Lumina / Monte Carlo '95+ 1500 / 2500 / 3500 Trucks '95+ Suburban / Yukon '95+ Camaro '95+ Tahoe '97+ Malibu Chrysler '95-'2K Sebring V6 '95-'2K Sebring 4cyl '95+ Chrysler Sebring Convertible - HyperRed Kit only Dodge '2K+ Neon - Hyper Red Kit only '95-99 Neon - Hyper Red Kit only '95-'2K Avenger V6 '95-'2K Avenger 4cyl '95-99 Dodge Stratus - Hyper Red Kit only '2K Stratus Eagle '90 Talon Turbo '90 Talon Non-Turbo '91-'94 Talon Turbo '91-'94 Talon Non-Turbo '95-'99 Talon Non-Turbo '95-'99 Talon Turbo Ford 90+ Mustang '89-'95 Thunderbird Analog 89+ Probe 87+ Ranger 87+ Explorer 2K+ Focus - Hyper Red only Contour SVT - Hyper Red only Honda 98+ Honda Accord - Hyper Red Only 01+ Honda Civic - Hyper Red Only 97+ Honda Prelude Hyundai All Models from 92+ Infiniti '91-'93.5 G20 '93.5-'96 G20 '92+ I30 '98+ I30 - Hyper Red Kit only '96-'97 QX4 '98+ QX4 - Hyper Red Kit only Mazda '90-'97 Miata '99+ Miata - Hyper Red only. '2K Protege & MP3 Models '93+ RX-7 - Hyper Red Kit only '93+ MX-6 '93+ 626 Mitsubishi '90-94 Eclipse '95-99 Eclipse '2000+ Eclipse '2002+ Lancer & EVO VIII '92+ Diamante
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1992 240sx w/ Sonic Blue Kit Click for Larger Image
1993 Nissan 240sx w/ Hyper Red Kit
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1991 Sentra SE-R w/ Orange Dream Kit.Click for Larger Image
1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse w/ Super GreenClick for Larger Image
1995 Eclipse NT w/ Sonic Blue KitClick for Larger Image
1995 BMW E36 w/ Hyper Red Kit
'91+ 3000GT SL, VR-4 '90+ Mirage '90-'99 Galant Nissan '95-'98 200sx SE '95-'98 200sx SE-R '89-'94 240sx w/ HUD '89-'90 240sx Analog '91-'94 240sx Analog '95-'96 240sx '97-'98 240sx '93-'97 Altima '98-'99 Altima '00-02 Altima - Hyper Red Kit Only '02-'04 Altima '89-'94 Maxima '95-'97 Maxima '98+ Maxima - Hyper Red Kit only '91-'92 NX2000 '93-'94 NX2000 '93-'94 NX1600 '96-'97 Pathfinder '98+ Pathfinder Hyper Red Only '91-'92 Sentra SE-R '93-'94 Sentra SE-R '87-'99 Sentra SE, XE, E '2K+ Sentra + Spec V- Hyper Red Kit only '99+ Frontier Hyper Red Kit only Pontiac Grand Am - all models Oldsmobile '99+ Alero '95+ Bravada Plymouth '90 Laser Turbo '90 Laser Non-Turbo '91-'94 Laser Turbo '91-'94 Laser Non-Turbo Plymouth Breeze & Cirrus - HyperRed Kit only Scion '05+ Tc ( Use 2 Large and 2 Small Kit ) '04+ Xb ( Use 2 Large 1 Small Kit ) ( Must use replacement needle on some models ) '04+ Xa ( Use 2 Large 1 Small Kit ) Subaru 02+ WRX/Impreza 98+ 2.5RS Forrester - Hyper Red Only Toyota '97-'99 Camry '2000+ Celica ( 2 Large ) for Needles only '2000+ Celica ( 6 Large ) for Needles & LCD '85-'98 Supra '85-'87 Corolla / SR5 + GTS - ( 2 Large Kit ) Motorcycle - All Use 1 Large Kit '02-03 YZF-R1 '04+ YZF-R1 '02+ YZF-R6 03+ Suzuki GSXR-1000 & 750

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