Honda Prelude H22 / H23 / USDM to JDM Distributor wiring.

Honda Prelude H22 USDM to JDM Distributor wiring.
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Product Description

When swapping in an H22a JDM engine into an Accord or Prelude you will either:
1. Change to an OBDII Oil Pump, Mount Crank Sensors on JDM engine and use all USDM Timing Gears and Crankshaft pulleys.
2. Wire in the JDM Distributor with an internal coil into the USDM engine harness ( origionally supplied with an external Coil ) The car we are working on in this document is a 2001 Honda Prelude. BB6 Chassis

When swapping in a JDM H22 with a distributor that has an internal coil a couple wiring changes must be made to the harness. On US versions of the H22 the TDC and CKP signals are read off the crank in the timing belt casing. In order to rewire these signals into the JDM Distributor follow these steps and it will work without a problem.

1. Locate the orig. coil plug that does not have a home on the JDM Engine. ( 4 pins, 3 Wires (Blk/Yel - Yellow - Green) 2 wires are 12ga wiring)

2. Cut the plug off and connect the solid Yellow wire to the Black/Yellow wire using solder or crimp connector. Tape this connection good. ( It is the power for the ignition system ) Cut the green wire back and tape off the end. This will not be used.

3. Locate the 2 Distribitor plugs on the USDM engine harness. ( One is 4 pin, other is 2 Pin. ) Cut or De-pin all the wires in the 4 pin connector. Cut the wires that go into the 2 Pin Connector. Cut the green wire back as it will not be used.

4. Locate the FEMALE JDM distributor plug off of the JDM harness you received with the motor set.

5. Insert the pins or connect the wires (USDM hanres) for the yel/grn, black and Yellow wire into their coresponding sports on the diagram / picture.

6. Connect the small blue wire and the 10ga Blk/Yel wire into the 2 spots on the FEMALE JDM Connector as shown in the diagram / picture.

7. Cut the wiring that goes into the timing case on the USDM H22 Engine for the TDC signal and CKP Signal. You should have 4 wires that plug in near the alternator. The 4 wire colors are green, red, blue and white. Extend all of these wires about 12inches so that they will reach over to the JDM distributor plug. Using the same color wire will make this much less confusing.

8. Connect the 4 wires that origionally ran into the timing case for the TDC and CKP signals to the FEMALE JDM Distributor plug as shown in the diagram / picture. (Green, Red, Blue & White Wires) Some of the JDM harnesses will have the exact wire colors already coming out of the plug for this.

9. After everything is wired up the distributor female plug should be from the JDM harness and look like this in the picture. Plug it into the distributor and you are done. ** Please note, the wires coming directly out of the JDM distributor casing will not match the colors of the wirng that is in the pictures below.

Picture 1 - USDM Distributor Plugs

Picture 2 - JDM Distributor plug wired with all signals wired.

Diagram 1 - Locations of wire colors on JDM Distributor Plug